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Barometer of who supports Britain in Europe


I wonder how many of you actually watched the Eurovision song contest last night, I must admit my household didn’t as we fully expected us not to win. I have said for a while now the results could be used as a barometer of who supports Britain in Europe.

If you read todays Telegraph article on who voted for whom it is clear that Britain is not well liked, at least not for its song writing ability. Two very telling graphs show something very interesting. If you look at how what I now loosely call the British public voted you can see that at the top of the list is Lithuania, Poland & Bulgaria. Then look at how each of those countries voted, not a single vote for Britain!

It is clear that the Eurovision song contest is now being politicised, but whats more clear is that the our vote is being influenced by our migrant population. Furthermore what great shift in the tectonic plates suddenly moved the rather large continent Australia within Europe, It’s all getting a bit silly really isn’t it? The next thing you know there will be a man in a frock with a beard winning, oh! wait a minute that wasn’t my imagination was it?

The only love that our eastern european friends have for Britain is the love of stripping our benefit system, education and health care resources. They are taking the future away from our youth by undercutting the labour market then sending money back to their home land on the back of the taxes we have paid in to the system for many long years as indigenous Britain’s.



EU Short sightedness

short sight

Listening to Andrew Castle on LBC97.3 this morning where he was discussing the effects of the E.U. referendum, Andrew started off by asking if the economy is stagnating because of the referendum. It appears that it has a very personal effect on his life at the moment because he cannot find a house to purchase, he even got his estate agent to guest and give his opinion of the state of the market.

A Scottish gentleman from the road haulage industry was saying that if we vote to leave we will go back to the bad old days when we have to wait at customs to get across the borders, but in the same breath he was complaining about the fact that his drivers were having to run the gauntlet of the migrants at Calais.

We then had the obligatory green lady who was concerned about the effect on the environment, she was worried that people will vote to leave because of their concerns about immigration, too bloody right we should be concerned!

People are so short-sighted when it comes to the EU referendum, they are not looking into the future. We need to look beyond the short-term effect, with the benefit of being able to control our own borders we will be able to increase our security, the extra saving on the £350m we wont be paying to the EU can be re-invested in housing, schools & health.

Andrew was saying that he thinks companies are not spending money because of the referendum, rubbish I work for a cable manufacturer in the north of England and we are currently investing £3.5 million in new equipment from companies in Europe and America. We have more trade with companies outside the EU and the market is growing, as far as my managing director is concerned we will be better outside the EU.

A gentleman called Tom has pointed out to Andrew Castle that he appears to be using the program to put across his own personal concern about the effect on his financial position and coming over as being biased.

Andrew says (Fact) the number of european migrant children in schools has doubled since 2007 and he ask’s what effect it is having on our education system? Really? what have all the cuts been about in recent years? we cannot afford to carry on with this overloading of the system as our own children are suffering from having less face to face time with teachers.

In simple terms if you don’t take the opportunity to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016 we will be digging ourselves into a hole that we will never get out of, you will not have to worry about house prices as before long  Angela Merkel will want you to take on the German preference to rent property instead of owning it. The pound in your pocket will become the euro and you will need plenty to pay for your medical fee’s as the EU will have disbanded the NHS. Well they do have to find the money for the EU army that they are planning to frighten Vladimir Putin with…

Put your glasses on people, there’s a world beyond the EU!

Why can’t we look after our own children? Or Turkey twizzler anyone?

In the last two days David Cameron said the UK will take in more unaccompanied Syrian refugee children from Europe. He also said to the House of Commons Liaison Committee “I will be absolutely frank with you, I don’t think the accession of Turkey to the European Union is remotely on the cards. I don’t think it will happen for decades.

Both of these statements should worry us, the first is worrying because it is clear that we are clearly incapable of caring for children who’s parents have given up on them or have died as shown by the recent case of little Keegan Downer murdered by her foster mother Kandyce Dower, the child had been repeatedly beaten during her short life. it is unbelievable that our social services, who should have been making regular reviews of the child’s welfare failed to do so. How can we expect to look after the extra Syrian children that David Cameron wants to allow in to the UK when we cannot look after our own.

The decision to take these extra children should be left until we can be certain that we can review our child protection departments.

David Cameron’s statement to the House of Commons Liaison Committee should not be believed, the E.U.has proven time and time again that the opinion of the UK government is worth nothing when it comes to decision’s about EU policies. So with the referendum looming up in under 50 days, Cameron and his Pro-EU friends are running scared. They are desperate to take Turkey out of the referendum equation and defuse the panic it would cause if Turkey floods Britain with it’s unwanted hoards.

Don’t be fooled, unless we get back control of our own country we will be at the beck and call of Brussels at all levels until they have gained every ounce – sorry gram of power over us and we are assimilated into the United States of Europe.

If we remain in the European Union we won’t be able to use our own resources to look after our own children never mind the extra thousands proposed, in probability we will not even have an NHS left to look after them should they fall ill.

Did you realize that there is something in writing, that is formal that proves the NHS will be subject to a trade agreement. It is in a document that was filed in the European Parliament library in June 2015, specifically about TTIP. It says: “The EU reserves the right to adopt or maintain any measure with regard to the provision of all education, health or social services which receive public funding or state support in any form.”

As the referendum approaches David Cameron’s government should not be allowed to push through any decisions that are likely to affect the limited resources we currently have left. Better he wait until after the country has spoken on 23rd June.

Of course I can be controversial and ask why doesn’t some of the rich middle eastern countries take them in where they will be able to be looked after better by a culture closer to their own? at the end of the day these children when they become adults will hopefully want to go back to their country of origin. What good would it do for them to go back after being raised in a western country to make a new life, they would probably start another war because they would want to have a western culture.

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