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Mrs May does not want this published



Poking the hornet’s nest


Aggression is born from anxiety and fear. We are witnessing some very unpleasant activities in the public domain in this immediate post Brexit period, it appears to be in two main area’s, one is the resentment by the disappointed youth and the other is by the more extreme right-wing elements of the British public.

Looking at the disappointed youth, unfortunately for them they have grown up in a system that has let them down. Those of us that grew up in that post second world war pre-common market period will remember that you had a much harder task to earn your way to a better education. In the 1960’s it was also means tested as just over one in 10 (12%) went to university. There were no student loans, fees were paid in full by local education authorities and there was a means-tested annual grant up of to £340 to cover living costs. On to the 1970’s, one in seven 18-year-olds were in higher education in 1972. That figure fell back to one in eight by the end of the decade as university funding was cut and vice-chancellors refused to squeeze the amount spent on each student. Many 16-year-olds opted not to go into the sixth form because there was no guarantee that after two years of A-levels a place could be found for them at university. The grant for students increased from £380 to £1,430 in 1980.

Quite simply it was a hard-earned privilege to go to university in those years unless your family had money you did not go to university, you had to face the facts that you had to go to work and earn your living, there was no god given right to further education, gap years, foreign travel etc. you were grateful for what you could get that’s a fact. Todays youth has had everything given to them on a plate, successive governments have made it easier to get them into further education even if the grades required have not met the standard, this has been done to manipulate the unemployment figures, the number of soft subject courses has grown to facilitate this policy.

So now we have more extreme right-wing elements of the British public, People will quite rightly be concerned when they see massive changes to society and they feel that they are being ignored by the government. The extreme right-wing supporters will seize this and try to use it for their own agenda, the people have spoken and are concerned about immigration so it is now time for the government to act swiftly to address this issue, they must give the people what they want which is more control over immigration. It will be in no-ones interest to let the right-wing grasp the nettle.

In the cold light of day there are some hard facts we must understand, the younger elements of society need to grow up quickly, work hard for what they get, respect democracy and family and most importantly listen to those that have gone before you and have prevented you having to suffer the hardships of their past. Your political views should not be swayed by the educational system bureaucrats, you need to get out in the real world and earn a living before you are qualified to form an opinion.

I don’t blame people for being resentful of migrants, it’s is our governments fault for not listening to the electorate, we are sick of being called racist’s & bigots, we could not get our voice heard but we have now had our day and the government had better listen, Labour and the Conservative party should be very worried as when we come to the next general election they will in all probability be a spent force. I cannot see the Lib-Dems being a threat but UKIP well that’s another story, Nigel Farage has proven true to his word as this man has done more to get the country to this point than anyone else and people will remember that, UKIP will grow and be a major party.

So the government need to understand that if you poke the hornet’s nest you will get stung, hornets are often considered pests much like the establishment have concidered the electorate, but be warned they will aggressively guard their homes and communities when threatened! Don’t blame the Britsh public for protecting there homeland.

Now it’s time to move on


After the thrill has gone

Well it’s been a hard battle, the generals rallied the troops and we answered the call to arms. We got our country and sovereignty back by a democratic vote.

On the Morning of Friday 24th June 2016 we step out into a new dawn, we are British and we should be proud that from whichever side of the referendum debate you supported, if you cast your vote you did your duty by your country by using the gift of the democratic process. whether you were Vote Leave or Remain by 10pm on Thursday night the die was cast.

There is no doubt that the referendum caused division during the campaign but now that is behind us we need to accept the result and move forward, we must show the world that our country deserves the title of Great Britain to be restored.

I have heard people complain because Vote Leave won the referendum, but can you really complain when you have been given the chance to vote? if you did not vote by choice you cannot complain, if you spoiled your ballot paper you used your right to show your disaproval of the process that was also your choice. at the end of the day it was up to everyone to use the time before the 23rd June to listen to the argument for and against the two options and base your decision on the information presented to you.

Well now we have a lot of work to do restoring the great feeling of Britishness, of not feeling ashamed to declare yourself a great Briton. Being a Welshman I hear the call of hiraeth which is a Welsh expression of the bond one feels with one’s home country. what ever region of the U.K. you are from we should all work together and be proud of our nationality. we also have to ask that other nationals who have chosen to reside in our country respect our culture and traditions, they will be welcome to join us if they integrate into our society.

The thrill of the battle has gone, it’s time to regroup and rebuild our nation and move on!

Double, double toil and trouble


Thursday nights #ITVEURef debate was a travesty of monumental proportions, it displayed the very worst of British playground bullying from the three harpies of the Remain campaign. They comprehensively debased what should have been a civilised debate on the most important decision of our times for the British people.

Nicola Sturgeon, Angela Eagle and Amber Rudd although acting like three deranged witches probably were the best gift the vote leave campaign could have been given. The were utterly rude screeching wretches, all three launching personal attacks on Boris Johnson starting with Amber Rudd and the comment about Boris only being interested in No 10. and her cheap parting shot about him being the last person you would want driving you home.

Nicola Sturgeon showed herself for what she is, a cheap Glasgow solicitor only fit for bar room barracking amongst the spit and sawdust.

Angela Eagle was a total embarrassment, she was like a rabid dog wanting to snap at everything and anything. She was even attacking her own teams parties. She could hardly string two words together, stuttering and pausing which is a sure sign that she was stuggling to remember the party lines.

There is little to be said about vote leave other than they were polite, calm, and positive. Andrea Leadsom, Gisela Stuart and Boris Johnson proved that they can be civilised and honest when questioned. I know which way I am voting on 23rd June 2016, the question is do you?

Vote Leave.



Logically Thinking


“Logical Song”

When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,
A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical.
And all the birds in the trees, well they’d be singing so happily,
Joyfully, playfully watching me.
But then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible,
Logical, responsible, practical.
And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable,
Clinical, intellectual, cynical.
There are times when all the world’s asleep,
The questions run too deep
For such a simple man.
Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned
I know it sounds absurd
But please tell me who I am.

Now watch what you say or they’ll be calling you a radical,
Liberal, fanatical, criminal.
Won’t you sign up your name, we’d like to feel you’re
Acceptable, respectable, presentable, a vegetable!

At night, when all the world’s asleep,
The questions run so deep
For such a simple man.
Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned
I know it sounds absurd
But please tell me who I am.


The words above mean a great deal to me, they are an anthem of my youth. I was 21 in 1979 when the Logical song was released by Supertramp. Britain had been in Europe four years and I had been working in the local steel works for five years but something was wrong, I remember going into work on one particular night shift and before we were allowed to start work we were instructed to go over to the staff canteen to watch a video, the company was telling us that we were loosing money.

During the video presentation which was presented by Brian Redhead of the BBC, we were told that Britain had been selling scrap steel to Europe so that it was stockpiled & then we were having to buy it back at a higher price. That was not logical! We also gave away our technology in special steel making to the Germans. A year before I started at the steel works which was 1974 there had been around 2,500 employees and by the early eighties that had dropped to about 900 due to prices being forced down.

I feel bitterly about this mighty work force that had being depleted, good honest hard-working men & women who lost a way of life which in most cases had been handed down father to son. We had instilled in us a great work ethic.

The rot had started in Europe but we did not realise until it was too late, we did not have the communications we have today, the social media which would have forged communities together to fight for their cause. some years later we saw some of that spirit coming out with the miners strike.

The rot had run deep, we allowed some of our families to lose the work ethic during those dark days. People had lost the will to fight but did not know why, benefits had become a way of life for many. some generations have grown up where not a single member of their family had ever held down a job & that also includes my family.

The first half of the logical song resonated with my life until my mid to late forties, Logical, responsible, practical, I was mortgaged. Then on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 the world changed for me, my family and everyone else. Our world had closed up. Now move on to 2016 & the words of the song again “Now watch what you say or they’ll be calling you a radical, Liberal, fanatical, criminal”  “Won’t you sign up your name, we’d like to feel you’re acceptable, respectable, presentable, a vegetable!” Supertramps words are so very prophetic.

Europe are wanting to gag us from using free speech to voice our opinions on the ideologies of the migrants that are trying to invade our shores. I say we should stand up for ourselves not for Europe, we have stood up for Europe on a number of occasions and it has got us nothing in return.

We only have one choice really, Vote Leave on 23rd June it’s the only logical choice.

Every cloud has a silver lining

Magna carta

Britain 2016. My sunday afternoon rant….

What is wrong with the British nation? I think I have an answer. Worryingly it may be too late to do anything about it, as we have already given away our children’s heritage by being too liberal when allowing in migrants to our country.

Our laws developed from Magna carta of which there was originally 63 clauses, but now only has only three of the original clauses that are still law today. Based upon these clauses we must hold onto our right to reject the wishes of migrants to have Islamic sharia or Islamic law in this great country and for that matter any other ideology.

we also have to defend the three remaining law clauses against the E.U. parliament.

1. Clause 1: The liberties of the English Church

“First, that we have granted to God, and by this present charter have confirmed for us and our heirs in perpetuity, that the English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired.

“That we wish this so to be observed, appears from the fact that of our own free will, before the outbreak of the present dispute between us and our barons, we granted and confirmed by charter the freedom of the Church’s elections – a right reckoned to be of the greatest necessity and importance to it – and caused this to be confirmed by Pope Innocent III. This freedom we shall observe ourselves, and desire to be observed in good faith by our heirs in perpetuity.

“To all free men of our Kingdom we have also granted, for us and our heirs for ever, all the liberties written out below, to have and to keep for them and their heirs, of us and our heirs.”

2. Clause 13: The privileges of the City of London

“The city of London shall enjoy all its ancient liberties and free customs, both by land and by water. We also will and grant that all other cities, boroughs, towns, and ports shall enjoy all their liberties and free customs.”

3. Clauses 39 & 40: The right to trial by jury

“No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land.

“To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice. No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled . nor will we proceed with force against him . except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land. ”

I do not profess to being religious, I think you have to make your own mind up about that and I have chosen not to take that route but I do firmly belive in the law system that has served our nation for so long. Should some visitor or migrant arrive in our fair land then they should first and foremost submit to our laws.

If we are good enough to give them shelter, education, work and health care then they should pledge allegiance to our sovereignty and respect our laws and customs without any other option other than to become a passive neutral guest in our country without voting rights or benefits from our system if they do not agree. They should have to be self-sufficient in other words.

We appear to have an abundance of second & third generation migrant activists within the education sector’s who are trying hard to influence our young. The unacceptable part of this is that activists are the darlings of the British media, watch any BBC political broadcast and you will see the same face’s time and time again in what should be an unbiased audience. These people are plants as was Asma Butt, from Aberdeen during the BBC debate on the EU on Thursday night. Asma thought her family built this country poor disillusioned girl, but do not be under any illusion that the BBC is unbiased because they are certainly not.

What makes me laugh in all of this is that the our young who are influenced by these people say that our old laws are out dated, the laws of their influencers are just as old but more barbaric, they have no respect for women or children and they would prevent the females living under such laws from being educated. hang on to that thought for a moment…. it may not be a bad thing if we don’t get anymore like Asma Butt taking up valuable airtime.


Oh dear, our young need a life lesson.


Voters aged 18-to-29 took part in the BBC debate Last night 26/5/16

I listened with concern to the debate last night in which the future key holders of Britain (our young) discussed the argument of whether it is better to remain or Vote leave the EU.

I carried on listening to BBC radio 5 after the main debate had finished and it is clear that some of our young people have got a long way to go to grow up, one young caller in particular aged only sixteen by the name of Lauren who is studying politics at A level who was not particularly articulate. Lauren spoke in of the fact that young people are politically engaged, they may be but the don’t generally vote!

Lauren said when talking about her generation that “like we are the first people to grow up in this global world”, politics could well be the best place for her because she clearly has not got a clue about where we are in the world. I despair at these youngsters. Our education system needs to be revamped, we need to make it more difficult to get into universities and colleges and prioritize grants to the sciences including medicine and engineering. Students who want to study the art’s, media, politics etc should be self funding.

If they want to study soft subjects then they should earn to learn much like the American system, this would give them an incentive to take up jobs which low skilled migrants are taking up currently.

Some of the invited audience last night where obviously cherry picked by the BBC such as Asma Butt, she has previously been involved with Alex Salmond on the campagne trail.

The biggest issue in the lives of the young people today is will our mobile roaming charges increase if we leave the EU and of course we have to think about our foreign holidays and how are we going to help the Calais migrants if we come out of Europe because after all Europe are our partners. well I am sorry its total bollocks. These ungrateful idiots need to think about the two lost generations who gave up there lives during the 1st and 2nd world wars for them to have the freedom and education opportunities that they have today, they should also look to the future of their children ahead of them.

They have no right giving up what was so hard-fought for, how disingenuous can the so-called educated young be by forgetting that there was over 17 million deaths from the first world war & over 60 million from the second world war who were sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy now.

I am not saying that all our young generation are selfish but in my opinion they are short-sighted, they need a life lesson so to speak. years ago if you went to university it was a hard-earned privilege, todays young think it is a god given right not to go straight to the working environment. Our country has been formed by the blood, sweat & tears of the people who had no option but to work to support their familes, they are the backbone of the nation and their voice needs to be heard as much as any student in a BBC debate.

EU. If you’re undecided you should read this

I had the article below forwarded to me from a friend at work who had it sent to him via Face book.

If you’re undecided you should read this

Posted anonymously

On June 23rd, I am expected to make one of the most important decisions in my life which could affect my children and grandchildren in a way I don’t even understand yet. I am an average guy with a family, a house, and a normal lifestyle. I am sort of Joe average. Some people have asked me recently about how I’m voting, mainly because they don’t know themselves and want another view or opinion. I’ve actually been quite interested in the opportunity to vote in the referendum and I’ve done some research and a lot of thinking and I know how I’m going to vote and why.

I am however, concerned about the broadcasting from our elected government. They also know what they want and why but we, the people, need our government to provide us with a balanced view so we, the people, can make our own mind up. For that to happen, we need to understand all the good points, and all the bad points. At the moment, I can understand why some people are gripped by fear that the world will end if we leave the EU.

But will it?

Well, I see 3 main areas, which I thought about. Political, economic and immigration.

Before I go any further, I have already accepted one thing. Any change will result in good things and not so good things. I can’t think of one example, which has changed, which hasn’t created some benefits and burdens.

Let’s get the easy one’s out of the way….

Political. – As a UK citizen, I want my laws determined by the MP’s we elected as a democracy should be. Our Lords are the regulators of the decisions made in the commons and I’m good with that. What I don’t want are laws imposed on me by people who weren’t elected and are trying to find a “One size fits all” solution to many different countries who all have different tolerances, expectations and cultures.

Of all of the imposed laws from the EU, I can live without a law that stipulates that cucumbers must not have a bend in excess of 10 degrees. Some of our politicians quite fancy a career in the EU after their own political career has come to an end in the UK and this is the reason why I think some of them are so keen to stay.

Economic – This is where I see, and accept, that things will be a little worse before they get better. Let’s get one thing clear though. Big business leaders only want one thing. More sales and bigger profits. That’s not wrong, it’s their job, and what shareholders expect. Quite simply, if the companies they’re running don’t make more money every year, they lose their job.

Imagine owning the only supermarket in a town where for the past 10 years, more and more people have come to live there and for the next 10 years, more and more people will arrive. If you owned that supermarket, you’d be rubbing your hands together. Now imagine that someone said that no more houses could be built and some people had to leave. You wouldn’t want that to happen so would disagree. And that’s what the impact will be, less people spending less money is not good for business. You can’t blame them for voting for Remain, but they’re only concerned about themselves.

I’ve also thought about the impact on house prices and rent. In 2000, I remember renting a massive house while I was in between house moves. The rent was £750 per month. Since the bulk addition of several European counties in 2004, rents have consistently increased beyond the rate of inflation.

This is easy to understand, more people, not the equal number of more house increases competition for housing and increased rents. Increased rents mean better profits for landlords so people start to buy houses to rent out. Competition for houses increases which increases house prices.

And we all think this is great that the house some of us bought in the 90’s is now worth 3 times what we bought it for, we’re rich! But then I think of my children who can’t afford to buy a house now and I sometimes wonder whether they ever will. I was chatting to a guy at work last week who at the age of 32 had bought his first modest house with a 30 year mortgage. He was so pleased. But that doesn’t sit with me right. I bought my house (3 bed semi) when I was 22 with a 5% deposit and 3.5 times my salary. If the average salary is £22k, £77k doesn’t buy you anything now.

It might be an unpopular thought, but I want house prices to come down so my children can buy a 3 bed semi with a 5% deposit for 3.5 times their salary. And house prices will only come down if there is less competition and more houses built. I’m afraid you can’t achieve that by staying in the EU with an unlimited amount of potential people able to live and work here.

Also, on an economic front, there are too many people telling us that our economy will fall dramatically as we’ll have to negotiate new trade agreements with all the current EU countries. And let’s not forget Obama telling us all that we’ll be at the back of the queue with a trade deal with the USA.

Firstly, we’re a bigger importer than exporter, it’s always been that way. We buy more than we sell so therefore our buying power is more important than our selling power. For sure, some UK goods might be less attractive if import taxes are imposed on them from the EU if we leave but our customer is the world.

We have some of the most prestigious brands in the world. In no particular order, the one’s which come to mind are JCB, Rolls Royce, Burberry, Hotpoint, HSBC, Barclays, Tesco etc etc. I think we can confidently go global. Why do we want the EU to negotiate on our behalf?

And now for immigration. I have no idea why we’re all afraid to even bring up the subject but it does have a big impact and affects us all personally, socially and economically.

Over the past 12 years, since our immigration started to boom, I’ve met a lot of people who have moved to the UK to live and work. In general, I find the people I’ve met to be honest, hardworking people with families who intend to make the most of the opportunity of living and working in the UK.

Our service industry is better for it, with many EU migrants choosing to work in many different sectors from coffee shops, to supermarkets. We’ve benefitted from many skills including the main building trades. Many trained nurses and doctors have joined our NHS. No doubt many more have arrived who have filled a skills gap we just don’t have and we, as a society have and are benefitting.

But there’s a problem that comes with this.

As a UK citizen, my personal belief is that the UK is the most attractive country in the EU. If you create a law that says that any citizen can freely choose where in the EU they can live and work, many will naturally choose to move to what they believe will give them the best opportunity to better themselves. Nothing wrong with that, it’s completely normal behaviour.

But if that country does not invest in infrastructure and services at the same rate of population growth two things happen. Things go up in price e.g. houses. And services become overstretched e.g. Doctors, schools, hospitals, roads etc.

The other thing I have an issue with is the type of immigration we have. I am absolutely convinced that we need immigration to thrive and prosper. Not just to ensure we have the right skills but also to make our society richer.

OK, so I can have my car hand washed for £3 just about anywhere now but how many unskilled people do we really need? I don’t think we need any. We have around 2 million of them sitting at home most days looking for a job. The broader problem is that we have created a society that believes not working is a choice and if they can’t be an instant celebrity, they refuse to work for minimum wage. We could solve that problem if we really wanted to.

I also see communities within communities. There are street’s I walk down now that I used to walk down 12 years ago where I only ever hear foreign languages being spoken and European shops selling European goods to European people. That doesn’t feel like an integrated society and I don’t really like it.

I want immigration, but I want to attract people from all over the world who have skills we need and who can add value to the place I live and work. I want those people to choose to come here because they like the values we live by, and want to be part of it.

I also don’t like the laws which are imposed on us that says we have to pay all EU immigrants the same social security benefits as UK citizens when we have no control over where that money is spent. At least the 2 million people sitting at home claiming job seekers allowance are spending that money here, benefitting our own economy but I can’t get my head around how a working father from the EU can claim working families tax credits, family allowance, income support and send as much back to his family in his native country as he chooses. When the minimum wage in the UK is 10 times higher than some eastern European countries and benefits are higher, how can we allow that money to be used in another economy where the cost of living is a fraction of the UK?

Imagine being a call handler in a call centre, a pretty average job on £18k to £20k a year. Now imagine another country you could move to, to do the same job for £200k a year. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. You’d live as cheaply as possible and send every spare penny home.

There are many people who are doing just that in the UAE. But the UAE are a growing country who need and want our skills. They’ve already stated to create laws themselves to ensure emirate people are at the front of the queue for jobs and skills. And there’s no handouts or public services, everything is private sector and when you have no work, it’s goodbye.

I completely understand why Churchill had his vision for a “United States of Europe” after world war two. When created, the common market was brilliant and has served us well over the decades. But nothing lasts forever and things change.

I don’t remember agreeing to or voting for all the things which have been imposed on me. And I certainly don’t like what’s ahead of me either.

So on balance I’m voting to leave the EU. I accept it will have an economic impact. My house may reduce in value, some people may lose their jobs, the £ may fall in value so holidays might cost a bit more.

But if my children can buy a house and pay off a mortgage within their working life, if their children can go to a school that they choose, if I can get an appointment at the doctors or hospital treatment and not sit in hours of traffic every day then I’ll be happy with that.

And in the future, when the UK is back to being the greatest country in the world that attracts the most talented people from all over the world who create the industries and brands that create job opportunities for the future generations, I can look back and feel that I did the right thing.

#Voteleave #Remain #Brexit


E.U. – Communism two peas in a pod?


it’s been the aim of the West to stop the spread of communism for decades, wars have been fought over it, families have been separated by it both in Europe, the Far East and elsewhere around the world. The Americans have a deep mistrust of the communist yet the American president is suggesting that Britain remains in the European Union which is as close to a communist state as you can get.

It cannot be denied that there are similarities between the ever-expanding EU and the ideology of the old Soviet Union perhaps Brussels is trying to revive the old idea of Eurocommunism, it’s well understood that sovereignty disappears under communism, we all know now what happened to the Russian royal family during the early part of the nineteenth century. We would like to think that kind of thing would not happen in this day and age, but the European Union is not a supporter of Sovereignty and history has a habit of repeating itself.

I suspect the vast majority of British subjects are in favour of British Sovereign rule, sovereignty is understood in jurisprudence as the full right and power of a governing body to govern itself without any interference from outside sources or bodies. This should be our primary concern as our national identity and British society has been founded and nurtured of these principles.

I admit that I am not a royalist by any stretch of the imagination but I would sooner be a royal subject than a state subject without freedom of speech and thought. The freedom to elect our government is our right and it should remain so. Eventually if we stay within the European union that right will be removed, this process has already begun in Brussels with the unelected Jean-Claude Juncker at the head of the European Commission along with a further a further 27 unelected commissioners.

We cannot be complacent about the European Union, if we care about our families it is our duty to learn from past history. you only have to look at the misery and suffering that came about due to communist regimes around the world. Don’t let Britain fall into that trap remember you owe it to your forefathers for giving you the freedoms you have now and to your progeny to ensure they remain free to live in a democracy not a version of a communist state.

Vote Leave on 23rd June 2016

EU immigration doesn’t effect jobs and wages

It’s official. Immigration isn’t effecting the labour market. In fact, it’s a good thing. This is the view of TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady as seen being interviewed…

Source: EU immigration doesn’t effect jobs and wages

Barometer of who supports Britain in Europe


I wonder how many of you actually watched the Eurovision song contest last night, I must admit my household didn’t as we fully expected us not to win. I have said for a while now the results could be used as a barometer of who supports Britain in Europe.

If you read todays Telegraph article on who voted for whom it is clear that Britain is not well liked, at least not for its song writing ability. Two very telling graphs show something very interesting. If you look at how what I now loosely call the British public voted you can see that at the top of the list is Lithuania, Poland & Bulgaria. Then look at how each of those countries voted, not a single vote for Britain!

It is clear that the Eurovision song contest is now being politicised, but whats more clear is that the our vote is being influenced by our migrant population. Furthermore what great shift in the tectonic plates suddenly moved the rather large continent Australia within Europe, It’s all getting a bit silly really isn’t it? The next thing you know there will be a man in a frock with a beard winning, oh! wait a minute that wasn’t my imagination was it?

The only love that our eastern european friends have for Britain is the love of stripping our benefit system, education and health care resources. They are taking the future away from our youth by undercutting the labour market then sending money back to their home land on the back of the taxes we have paid in to the system for many long years as indigenous Britain’s.


Is the Eu freezing the UK out already?

As part of my role at work I have to review and update our British Standards library and this week I had a notification email from the British Standards Institute informing me of updates and possible changes.

One that caught my eye is what’s called a “Draft for public comment” the document DPC: 16 / 30342018 DC is a proposed change to BS EN 60811-501 which describes test methods for sheathing compounds of electrical cables.

Whats so interesting about what to most people appear to be a very boring document? well there are some very interesting remarks contained within, First is the last date for receipt of comments: 23rd June 2016, next a warning that the draft must not be regarded as or used as a British standard and that the draft is not current beyond 23rd June 2016.

The introduction to the draft goes on to say that the standard is based on discussions in which the UK has taken an active part. Then there is this following statement. UK Vote Please indicate whether you consider the UK should submit a negative (with reasons) or positive vote on this draft.

This proposal was signed off by a representative of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) going by the name H. Myland of Germany. I think you would agree that there is a lot of coincidence here with the date of the EU referendum being the same as the defining date for the comments submission. The committee is clearly trying to ask for good reasons to exclude the UK having a voice on the committee.

It just makes me and my employer more confident that we are doing the right thing by voting to leave on 23rd June.

EU Short sightedness

short sight

Listening to Andrew Castle on LBC97.3 this morning where he was discussing the effects of the E.U. referendum, Andrew started off by asking if the economy is stagnating because of the referendum. It appears that it has a very personal effect on his life at the moment because he cannot find a house to purchase, he even got his estate agent to guest and give his opinion of the state of the market.

A Scottish gentleman from the road haulage industry was saying that if we vote to leave we will go back to the bad old days when we have to wait at customs to get across the borders, but in the same breath he was complaining about the fact that his drivers were having to run the gauntlet of the migrants at Calais.

We then had the obligatory green lady who was concerned about the effect on the environment, she was worried that people will vote to leave because of their concerns about immigration, too bloody right we should be concerned!

People are so short-sighted when it comes to the EU referendum, they are not looking into the future. We need to look beyond the short-term effect, with the benefit of being able to control our own borders we will be able to increase our security, the extra saving on the £350m we wont be paying to the EU can be re-invested in housing, schools & health.

Andrew was saying that he thinks companies are not spending money because of the referendum, rubbish I work for a cable manufacturer in the north of England and we are currently investing £3.5 million in new equipment from companies in Europe and America. We have more trade with companies outside the EU and the market is growing, as far as my managing director is concerned we will be better outside the EU.

A gentleman called Tom has pointed out to Andrew Castle that he appears to be using the program to put across his own personal concern about the effect on his financial position and coming over as being biased.

Andrew says (Fact) the number of european migrant children in schools has doubled since 2007 and he ask’s what effect it is having on our education system? Really? what have all the cuts been about in recent years? we cannot afford to carry on with this overloading of the system as our own children are suffering from having less face to face time with teachers.

In simple terms if you don’t take the opportunity to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016 we will be digging ourselves into a hole that we will never get out of, you will not have to worry about house prices as before long  Angela Merkel will want you to take on the German preference to rent property instead of owning it. The pound in your pocket will become the euro and you will need plenty to pay for your medical fee’s as the EU will have disbanded the NHS. Well they do have to find the money for the EU army that they are planning to frighten Vladimir Putin with…

Put your glasses on people, there’s a world beyond the EU!

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