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Is the Eu freezing the UK out already?

As part of my role at work I have to review and update our British Standards library and this week I had a notification email from the British Standards Institute informing me of updates and possible changes.

One that caught my eye is what’s called a “Draft for public comment” the document DPC: 16 / 30342018 DC is a proposed change to BS EN 60811-501 which describes test methods for sheathing compounds of electrical cables.

Whats so interesting about what to most people appear to be a very boring document? well there are some very interesting remarks contained within, First is the last date for receipt of comments: 23rd June 2016, next a warning that the draft must not be regarded as or used as a British standard and that the draft is not current beyond 23rd June 2016.

The introduction to the draft goes on to say that the standard is based on discussions in which the UK has taken an active part. Then there is this following statement. UK Vote Please indicate whether you consider the UK should submit a negative (with reasons) or positive vote on this draft.

This proposal was signed off by a representative of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) going by the name H. Myland of Germany. I think you would agree that there is a lot of coincidence here with the date of the EU referendum being the same as the defining date for the comments submission. The committee is clearly trying to ask for good reasons to exclude the UK having a voice on the committee.

It just makes me and my employer more confident that we are doing the right thing by voting to leave on 23rd June.

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