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After the horse has bolted!

Horse bolt

Too late old boy

Government climb down over forced academies plan in England.

Today we hear of yet another U-turn by the conservative government, but of course it is not really a U-turn. Today on 5 live Eric Pickles said ‘this is not a u turn’ in reference to the climb-down.

The government is once again running scared of industrial action by teachers & head teachers and rightly so, give these people the funding and the tools to do their job instead of asking for more than they can give with the education cuts. This is just another example of their poorly made decisions, how can the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan save face on this one?

A survey in January of nearly 900 mainly secondary headteacher’s and senior leaders by the Association of School and College Leaders confirms that more than 38% of those who completed the survey made redundancies in the previous 12 months, with even more staff losses hidden by the under-the-radar non-replacement of teaching (70%) and support roles (80%).

The country is sick and tired of the nanny state, the meddling by ill-informed officials taking orders from Brussels. Todays local election results have shown that there is a storm brewing. Beware Mr Cameron I think it maybe that perfect storm that sinks you and your government. Every one of your unpopular decisions of which there are many diminishes your credibility and your friends in Brussels will not be able to bail you out or throw you a life line.

June 23rd is looking more likely to be your judgment day. Better get practicing for that new job with the brush and shovel in the stable, I’m sure there will be a great big steaming mound of the brown stuff left now the horse has bolted!!

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