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Politics and friendships

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Poling station

“I have never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as a cause for withdrawing from a friend”. Thomas Jefferson.

As the general election draws near we will be asked to vote for the party we think most likely to deliver what is best for our country. some of us will have very strong political view points and others will be apathetic, I come from a working class family and have some very socialist attitudes, Labour was the obvious party of choice when I was growing up as my parents voted Labour. Truth being told I like many of my friends have also embraced some conservative values such as buying my own home, taking advantage of private medical insurance offered by our employer’s, I was grateful of that when I was able to get my wife treated for breast cancer within 5 days of being diagnosed, who wouldn’t be?

We appear to use social media to put forward our political viewpoints, all of our friends are able to see the way we tick politically. Anyone looking at my Facebook or Twitter feeds will know that I favour Brexit, reducing immigration, etc. and I make no apology for that as in this country we are supposed to have freedom of speech. Time will tell if we keep our right to it though as the politically correct attitudes of some government bureaucrats are doing their best to take it away from us lest we upset the snowflakes.

free speech

Whilst socialism has some very admirable fine points, can we truly personally say that we can hold on to all of those socialist principles, who wouldn’t move from social housing if and when they can afford it to give their family a better standard of living, who if you could afford it would miss the opportunity of giving their children a better education, who if you could afford it would not pay for health care of loved ones? in truth no one would, these are opportunities we have been given by the political process in this country over the years.

We need our government who ever they may be to support UK population, help the poor in health and education, maintain security, and vitally important show solidarity with the great indigenous british people!

Now how am I going to vote? I have a week to decide so do I go with my heart or my head and will I make a mistake, I guess I will know on the morning of 9th June 2017.

I know one thing I will not lose any true friends because of my opinions, I will not let that happen!



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