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Parting of the waves

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Well here we are a month after the referendum vote and our world has not stopped turning & WWIII has not started yet, much to the dismay of the remain camp. We are even getting the odd positive news leak on the BBC but I think that is more by accident then choice, the doom mongers are still desperately trying to put a downward spin on Britain’s exit from the EU.

The BBC TV and Radio are still pushing the race hate attack stories, it’s Brexit of course that gets the blame, but what about the years of abuse that have the girls up in Rotherham etc have had to put up with from the immigrants and what about the Muslim protests in and around London are they not hate crimes? The BBC choses not to report these to the general public, thank goodness for social media I say, at least we can get an informed view from people on the ground.

Britain’s political parties have suffered more turmoil then they have known in a long time, so perhaps Brexit has been a blessing in disguise, the parties needed a shake up and the old guard needed to change as we have all grown sick of the same old leadership styles and corruption. I am not that gullible to believe that it won’t still continue but the government will now know that the people will no longer stand for it and will vote them out if they step over the mark again.

It is looking like many overseas countries outside of Europe are eager to sign Britain up for trade deals and who can blame them? I was a bit sceptical about Theresa May’s appointment as prime minister but I am beginning to warm to her, she appears from the outside to be committed to Brexit but we must hope that she ensures that it is on the terms that the British public voted to leave for, primarily control of our borders and sovereignty.

We now need to be patient and be steady in our resolve, we must ensure we leave under our terms and not under a watered down Brexit deal.


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