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Poking the hornet’s nest

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Aggression is born from anxiety and fear. We are witnessing some very unpleasant activities in the public domain in this immediate post Brexit period, it appears to be in two main area’s, one is the resentment by the disappointed youth and the other is by the more extreme right-wing elements of the British public.

Looking at the disappointed youth, unfortunately for them they have grown up in a system that has let them down. Those of us that grew up in that post second world war pre-common market period will remember that you had a much harder task to earn your way to a better education. In the 1960’s it was also means tested as just over one in 10 (12%) went to university. There were no student loans, fees were paid in full by local education authorities and there was a means-tested annual grant up of to £340 to cover living costs. On to the 1970’s, one in seven 18-year-olds were in higher education in 1972. That figure fell back to one in eight by the end of the decade as university funding was cut and vice-chancellors refused to squeeze the amount spent on each student. Many 16-year-olds opted not to go into the sixth form because there was no guarantee that after two years of A-levels a place could be found for them at university. The grant for students increased from £380 to £1,430 in 1980.

Quite simply it was a hard-earned privilege to go to university in those years unless your family had money you did not go to university, you had to face the facts that you had to go to work and earn your living, there was no god given right to further education, gap years, foreign travel etc. you were grateful for what you could get that’s a fact. Todays youth has had everything given to them on a plate, successive governments have made it easier to get them into further education even if the grades required have not met the standard, this has been done to manipulate the unemployment figures, the number of soft subject courses has grown to facilitate this policy.

So now we have more extreme right-wing elements of the British public, People will quite rightly be concerned when they see massive changes to society and they feel that they are being ignored by the government. The extreme right-wing supporters will seize this and try to use it for their own agenda, the people have spoken and are concerned about immigration so it is now time for the government to act swiftly to address this issue, they must give the people what they want which is more control over immigration. It will be in no-ones interest to let the right-wing grasp the nettle.

In the cold light of day there are some hard facts we must understand, the younger elements of society need to grow up quickly, work hard for what they get, respect democracy and family and most importantly listen to those that have gone before you and have prevented you having to suffer the hardships of their past. Your political views should not be swayed by the educational system bureaucrats, you need to get out in the real world and earn a living before you are qualified to form an opinion.

I don’t blame people for being resentful of migrants, it’s is our governments fault for not listening to the electorate, we are sick of being called racist’s & bigots, we could not get our voice heard but we have now had our day and the government had better listen, Labour and the Conservative party should be very worried as when we come to the next general election they will in all probability be a spent force. I cannot see the Lib-Dems being a threat but UKIP well that’s another story, Nigel Farage has proven true to his word as this man has done more to get the country to this point than anyone else and people will remember that, UKIP will grow and be a major party.

So the government need to understand that if you poke the hornet’s nest you will get stung, hornets are often considered pests much like the establishment have concidered the electorate, but be warned they will aggressively guard their homes and communities when threatened! Don’t blame the Britsh public for protecting there homeland.



  1. mylifeasacitygirl says:

    I am a teenage girl and I am disappointed by the outcome It would mean a lot for me if you had a look at my post on Brexit https://mylifeasacitygirl.wordpress.com/2016/06/26/brexit/ thank you! 🙂

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  2. In full agreement here. Well said!


  3. I voted leave, only just though, I took the threats from our allies seriously, so for me it was a balancing act between pragmatism and principle. Abstention was my intention right up till the post Jo Cox hysteria, nausea prompted me to choose principle.

    That principle, has nothing to do with immigration, it’s about the contempt for democracy and the hubris that took us to the brink of another catastrophe in 2015; or have you forgotten the EU’s role in The Ukraine and–other theaters? As for what happens next, I’m far from convinced the battle is over. The talk of selective disfranchisement and other aberrations being casually bandied amid the propaganda assault, prompt me to regard the kind of measures some elements of the opposition are willing to consider.

    My experience belies the post referendum hysteria, most voters here, respect the decision of their peers, whatever it was. That’s probably because most of us were faced with a similar dilemma. What should be noted, is the moral distance between the ordinary voters and those that represent the opposing stances because currently there is a moral chasm that separates the electorate and the media.

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    • Tydraig says:

      I also voted to leave, I too was have been sickened by the double standards around the Jo Cox incident which in my opinion was no doubt thought of as a gift for the remain camp. I had however not forgotten about Ukraine etc. We have a long task ahead, it may not go smoothly but I am certain that we will in the long term reap the benefit of our decision.

      I only hope that the younger element of our society learn what has been sacrificed to give them their liberty & democracy.
      The majority are ignorant and selfish if they think that the older voters have taken their freedom from them, what would they think if some disaster killed 20,000 of their peers in one single day? Our parents & grandparents would certainly know what that would have felt like.

      Thank you for your comment.

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