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Now it’s time to move on

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After the thrill has gone

Well it’s been a hard battle, the generals rallied the troops and we answered the call to arms. We got our country and sovereignty back by a democratic vote.

On the Morning of Friday 24th June 2016 we step out into a new dawn, we are British and we should be proud that from whichever side of the referendum debate you supported, if you cast your vote you did your duty by your country by using the gift of the democratic process. whether you were Vote Leave or Remain by 10pm on Thursday night the die was cast.

There is no doubt that the referendum caused division during the campaign but now that is behind us we need to accept the result and move forward, we must show the world that our country deserves the title of Great Britain to be restored.

I have heard people complain because Vote Leave won the referendum, but can you really complain when you have been given the chance to vote? if you did not vote by choice you cannot complain, if you spoiled your ballot paper you used your right to show your disaproval of the process that was also your choice. at the end of the day it was up to everyone to use the time before the 23rd June to listen to the argument for and against the two options and base your decision on the information presented to you.

Well now we have a lot of work to do restoring the great feeling of Britishness, of not feeling ashamed to declare yourself a great Briton. Being a Welshman I hear the call of hiraeth which is a Welsh expression of the bond one feels with one’s home country. what ever region of the U.K. you are from we should all work together and be proud of our nationality. we also have to ask that other nationals who have chosen to reside in our country respect our culture and traditions, they will be welcome to join us if they integrate into our society.

The thrill of the battle has gone, it’s time to regroup and rebuild our nation and move on!


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