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Double, double toil and trouble

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Thursday nights #ITVEURef debate was a travesty of monumental proportions, it displayed the very worst of British playground bullying from the three harpies of the Remain campaign. They comprehensively debased what should have been a civilised debate on the most important decision of our times for the British people.

Nicola Sturgeon, Angela Eagle and Amber Rudd although acting like three deranged witches probably were the best gift the vote leave campaign could have been given. The were utterly rude screeching wretches, all three launching personal attacks on Boris Johnson starting with Amber Rudd and the comment about Boris only being interested in No 10. and her cheap parting shot about him being the last person you would want driving you home.

Nicola Sturgeon showed herself for what she is, a cheap Glasgow solicitor only fit for bar room barracking amongst the spit and sawdust.

Angela Eagle was a total embarrassment, she was like a rabid dog wanting to snap at everything and anything. She was even attacking her own teams parties. She could hardly string two words together, stuttering and pausing which is a sure sign that she was stuggling to remember the party lines.

There is little to be said about vote leave other than they were polite, calm, and positive. Andrea Leadsom, Gisela Stuart and Boris Johnson proved that they can be civilised and honest when questioned. I know which way I am voting on 23rd June 2016, the question is do you?

Vote Leave.




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