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Puppet on a string, not a song for Europe…

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puppet on a stringDavid Cameron said it’s dangerous for Britain to leave the EU and could lead to war, surely this would have been a major concern he would have had to wrestle with before declaring a referendum.

This should have been debated before the declaration. He is the prime minister after all so one would naturally assume that he has the countries best interest at heart. Somehow I feel he is not being sincere.

War is not to be taken lightly, we have lost too many good people in previous conflicts for us to disregard such a risk and I don’t think in all honesty that there is any greater risk whether we are in or out of the EU. It looks like David Cameron’s puppet masters in Brussels are twitching his strings so that he dances to their tune.

The EU to the ordinary man & woman in 1973 was just supposed to enable easier trade between member nations, not to make it easier to go to war. Our nation should ensure that this Prime minister goes down in history identified for what he is which is a traitor to our sovereignty & freedoms.

Why should Britain who helped pull the mainland Europeans out of the mire after the Second World War now have to run our country under the EU’s rules?

We British have always stood our ground and the time has come to do so again, Vote to leave on 23rd June 2016 – Stand up for your country


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