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EU Short sightedness

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Listening to Andrew Castle on LBC97.3 this morning where he was discussing the effects of the E.U. referendum, Andrew started off by asking if the economy is stagnating because of the referendum. It appears that it has a very personal effect on his life at the moment because he cannot find a house to purchase, he even got his estate agent to guest and give his opinion of the state of the market.

A Scottish gentleman from the road haulage industry was saying that if we vote to leave we will go back to the bad old days when we have to wait at customs to get across the borders, but in the same breath he was complaining about the fact that his drivers were having to run the gauntlet of the migrants at Calais.

We then had the obligatory green lady who was concerned about the effect on the environment, she was worried that people will vote to leave because of their concerns about immigration, too bloody right we should be concerned!

People are so short-sighted when it comes to the EU referendum, they are not looking into the future. We need to look beyond the short-term effect, with the benefit of being able to control our own borders we will be able to increase our security, the extra saving on the £350m we wont be paying to the EU can be re-invested in housing, schools & health.

Andrew was saying that he thinks companies are not spending money because of the referendum, rubbish I work for a cable manufacturer in the north of England and we are currently investing £3.5 million in new equipment from companies in Europe and America. We have more trade with companies outside the EU and the market is growing, as far as my managing director is concerned we will be better outside the EU.

A gentleman called Tom has pointed out to Andrew Castle that he appears to be using the program to put across his own personal concern about the effect on his financial position and coming over as being biased.

Andrew says (Fact) the number of european migrant children in schools has doubled since 2007 and he ask’s what effect it is having on our education system? Really? what have all the cuts been about in recent years? we cannot afford to carry on with this overloading of the system as our own children are suffering from having less face to face time with teachers.

In simple terms if you don’t take the opportunity to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016 we will be digging ourselves into a hole that we will never get out of, you will not have to worry about house prices as before long  Angela Merkel will want you to take on the German preference to rent property instead of owning it. The pound in your pocket will become the euro and you will need plenty to pay for your medical fee’s as the EU will have disbanded the NHS. Well they do have to find the money for the EU army that they are planning to frighten Vladimir Putin with…

Put your glasses on people, there’s a world beyond the EU!


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  1. astute angle says:

    It is amazing that the ‘Greens’ support open borders until you realise that the Green Party is no longer an ecology party, it is just a ragbag of various multiculti lgbtqwerty minority interest groups. No genuine ecologist would support unrestricted immigration.

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