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I have found a very interesting theory on how Britain could manage the migrant problem should it deteriorate.

It reads “Emotional blackmailed is not a pleasant experience is it? yet the British people are being emotionally blackmailed at this very time”

The media are constantly bombarding us with images of migrants trying to reach Britain via the rest of mainland Europe, children in transit camps etc all designed to tug on the heart strings.

If they want us to help then it cannot be unconditional as we have to protect our existing resources in the health and education sectors.

It’s controversial but it’s suggested that the migrants that get in to Britain should be made to sign a visa application with a condition which forbids them, male or female from having children whilst staying in the UK or committing a crime during their visa period. If they break the terms of the visa they will be deported immediately to the last country they left before entry to the UK.

It’s suggested this may act as a suitable deterrent as the benefit system would not be so attractive to them if it only provided for the individual and not any latent offspring.

This is not easy to suggest but if they are not economic migrants but refugees they would be grateful to be living in a safe country.

It is probable that the question of the human rights of these people would be deemed to be infringed but it would be better to forgo this for safe refuge.

Britain cannot be expected to support additional migrant children without being able to support her own and the constant drain the migrants are placing on our existent resources is having a profound effect.

There is no suggestion of dramatic birth control measures just monitoring whilst on benefits or low paid work with income support, as soon as it is apparent that a female migrant is pregnant or male has fathered a child after arrival in the U.K. they should be classed as terminating their visa conditions and deported.

British passports certainly should not be issued, only a compassionate refugee visa with no permission to bring extended family members in to the country.


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