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Why can’t we look after our own children? Or Turkey twizzler anyone?

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In the last two days David Cameron said the UK will take in more unaccompanied Syrian refugee children from Europe. He also said to the House of Commons Liaison Committee “I will be absolutely frank with you, I don’t think the accession of Turkey to the European Union is remotely on the cards. I don’t think it will happen for decades.

Both of these statements should worry us, the first is worrying because it is clear that we are clearly incapable of caring for children who’s parents have given up on them or have died as shown by the recent case of little Keegan Downer murdered by her foster mother Kandyce Dower, the child had been repeatedly beaten during her short life. it is unbelievable that our social services, who should have been making regular reviews of the child’s welfare failed to do so. How can we expect to look after the extra Syrian children that David Cameron wants to allow in to the UK when we cannot look after our own.

The decision to take these extra children should be left until we can be certain that we can review our child protection departments.

David Cameron’s statement to the House of Commons Liaison Committee should not be believed, the E.U.has proven time and time again that the opinion of the UK government is worth nothing when it comes to decision’s about EU policies. So with the referendum looming up in under 50 days, Cameron and his Pro-EU friends are running scared. They are desperate to take Turkey out of the referendum equation and defuse the panic it would cause if Turkey floods Britain with it’s unwanted hoards.

Don’t be fooled, unless we get back control of our own country we will be at the beck and call of Brussels at all levels until they have gained every ounce – sorry gram of power over us and we are assimilated into the United States of Europe.

If we remain in the European Union we won’t be able to use our own resources to look after our own children never mind the extra thousands proposed, in probability we will not even have an NHS left to look after them should they fall ill.

Did you realize that there is something in writing, that is formal that proves the NHS will be subject to a trade agreement. It is in a document that was filed in the European Parliament library in June 2015, specifically about TTIP. It says: “The EU reserves the right to adopt or maintain any measure with regard to the provision of all education, health or social services which receive public funding or state support in any form.”

As the referendum approaches David Cameron’s government should not be allowed to push through any decisions that are likely to affect the limited resources we currently have left. Better he wait until after the country has spoken on 23rd June.

Of course I can be controversial and ask why doesn’t some of the rich middle eastern countries take them in where they will be able to be looked after better by a culture closer to their own? at the end of the day these children when they become adults will hopefully want to go back to their country of origin. What good would it do for them to go back after being raised in a western country to make a new life, they would probably start another war because they would want to have a western culture.


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