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Would they vote to join now in 2016 knowing what we know now about the great deception?

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I have always been a bit of maverick in that I have been unorthodox or an independent-minded person this is true.

So I don’t think anyone who knows me would be surprised that I am going to vote leave in the 23rd June referendum, I am a socialist at heart but I will admit that in the case of the referendum I am glad to share the views of eurosceptics like Nigel Farage, David Jones MP and Daniel Hannan MEP even with the later two being conservatives.

It appears that we have a similar deep mistrust of the european union & the european parliament in Brussels and so we should.

Daniel Hannan in the introduction chapter of his book Why Vote Leave tells the tale of how on his first day at Brussels as an MEP he was filing his travel expenses and the very nice lady dealing with it took his airline ticket and gave him his refund which he was entitled to as an MEP, Daniel was shocked by the large amount refunded and questioned the lady saying there must be some mistake.

The lady dealing with his expenses said that there was no mistake, it was correct. you see Daniel explains that it was more then he would have paid if it was a business class flight from Heathrow,  the lady told him that is what the given rate for kilometerage rate from London. Basically thats where the gravy train starts, it gets worse with all the other perks. Daniel is being honest enough to let you know where some of our money goes.

So on and on it goes, an ever more corrupt misuse of our communities money from the relatively small hundreds of thousands it cost each year to pay the MEP’s to the millions paid to non government organisations or NGO’s who are funded by Brussels to secretly canvas on the E.U.’s behalf. Do a little digging and you will shocked to find out how many institutions are getting E.U. money for helping push the European ethos to the masses.

I don’t think we can justify this kind of waste of money when we see our NHS and educational system being driven on a downward spiral, but wait a minute our universities are funded by Brussels to promote the E.U. policies.

Yes Brussels will quite happily spend our cash on many other wasteful enterprises. Simply put these people are robbing the poor to pay the rich. We cannot let this continue so its a case of seize the day for our country and children’s sake.

If we don’t take the opportunity to put right this situation our offspring will never forgive us, we will have let their birthright slip through our fingers. Unfortunately we have let Europe and our successive governments dilute our cultural heritage to the point where we may not be able to depend on the U.K. inhabitants to feel 100% British and vote with their hearts. In all probability we may have lost the youth of today because of the multicultural policy we have adopted. Dual nationality marriages or partnerships will also have an impact, imagine a migrant who is married to a British national voting to block more of his or her extended family from joining them here in this benefit rich society.

I would like to ask a question of my fellow British nationals, given what we have experienced since1973 of the Common market, EEC, EU. Would they vote to join now in 2016 knowing what we know now about the great deception?

I think a vote to leave is a vote of confidence in our own destiny.


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