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Americans don’t know how to queue!

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So Mr Barack Obama says the UK would be at the “back of the queue” for a trade agreement – Big deal.

I wonder how many Americans actually care or even know what the E.U referendum involves for the British people?

I doubt if many of them want Barack Obama to get involved with our political wrangling but better he sort out his issues at home first before he leaves office, perhaps we should send over David Cameron to advise the Senate on the Mexican issue. somehow I don’t think they would be very pleased.

Mr Obama should take note that we are a sovereign territory and I am certain USA would not give up its sovereignty without a fight and allow another group of countries making decisions on its behalf.

We should send a message to the EU and USA that we will not be dictated to when it comes to our own destiny, Mr Obama has made it clear that the British voters should decide for ourselves. yes we have been supportive of each other over the years but we must look to our history.
American constitutional principles have their roots in Magna Carta, such as the theory of representative government, the idea of a supreme law, and judicial review but by staying in the E.U for Britain it will not be a case of maintaining the status quo on these principles it will be a case of surrendering these principles to the E.U. and believe me America would not do it so why should we?

All I hear in Mr Obamas speech is how concerned he is about the damage to American economy not so much our right to sovereign choice as British citizens, Mr Obama says there is not going to be a UK-US trade deal anytime soon if we pull out of the E.U. Well I am sorry I don’t believe you. London is one of the largest business capitals in the world, do you really imagine that America will stop trading?

vote leave now

I urge everyone to listen to all the arguments both for and against but read between the lines, The American President should not have been involved with David Cameron in this stage of the referendum I think this has been a big mistake on Mr Obamas side. We British are a different people now to what we were forty or fifty years ago, we are better informed, better educated. We have more access to information and news then ever before, probably more information then our American cousins in truth. We are well informed and we don’t need the American president to be our special advisor although it is very nice to offer but no thanks Mr Obama. By the way the British are used to queuing !!!



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