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National security or a question of belief

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I have no doubt that there will be a lot of apathy towards the E.U. referendum and how it will affect us as a nation. But some things need to be pointed out on how the security of our nation could be affected. Take for instance the way that there has been a call by some migrant influences to run Islamic sharia law in parallel to our British justice system.

If this was to come to fruition the prospect of our female population having to run the gauntlet of abuse by Islamic Muslim fanatics would be a very real one as they will not distinguish between females of different cultures, so ladies imagine having the only choice of clothing from your friendly M&S or Debenhams store limited to the dark and dowdy “chador” or tent which is what it actually means in Farsi. it is what Islamic Muslim women have to wear to protect their modesty. This coupled with the likely hood of any woman in an abusive Islamic Muslim marriage being castigated and asked by the sharia judge why you married such a person! Women’s rights will go out the window.

In our schools children will in all probability not be educated with our Christian values and traditions for fear of upsetting the migrant population. Christmas trees, Easter eggs, piggy banks etc will all be a thing of the past. Childhood certainly will be a darker place. Cadburys have already removed reference to Easter from some of their chocolate products and some financial organisations (TSB) in example have separate accounts for Islamic account holders. Why segregate accounts?

We already have less culturally diverse areas in Britain where integration has not been accepted by the migrant population, it is well understood that once you have segregation you will have dissent amongst the populous.

Just think of our grandmothers, daughters and granddaughters on a bright sunny day out shopping and them being targeted for wearing bright clothes which are perfectly acceptable in our culture by militant migrants that have being allowed in to our society by the liberal E.U. open boarder policy. Not a good prospect is it?

The female in our society could end up being cast back to the Dark Age if we are not considerate of our national security and the European Union wants Britain to take in more, this is something which is glossed over in the press but we must remember that around 32.2 million women as opposed to 31 million men are inhabitants of Britain. You have the option to help prevent this becoming a possibility.

No one’s belief should have an influence on how we chose to dress, bank or what traditions we chose to uphold as part of our indigenous cultural heritage, it is what our great nation is formed on and should be protected at all cost.  Vote Leave on 23rd June 2016 and help safeguard our rights.



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