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E.U. “It’s choice not chance that determines your destiny”

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I have almost reached my 58th year as a citizen of this great country and on Friday 15th April 2016 I attended my first political meeting. The Vote Leave public meeting in the Imperial hotel Llandudno. Speaking was David Jones MP, former Secretary State for Wales and Adrian Mason LLB, PGCE.

I went along because I wanted to see what Vote Leave are proposing. I personally want to leave the EU and I have joined UKIP as a result because I particularly like the way Nigel Farage has no fur on his tongue when dealing with the eurocrats Example video but although David Jones is a conservative MP, I listened to what he and Adrian Mason had to say on Friday evening in Llandudno about the european union and I was suitably impressed. Both David and Adrian were factual and concise with the information and views they were presenting.

Now the Vote Leave campaign is the official Brexit candidate I hope that it will have the support of UKIP and the other organisations who want to leave, lets get the job done and when the battle has been won sort out our differences putting right the damage the EU has done to our nation.

I big concern I have is how much influence will the non indigenous U.K population have on the referendum vote, I have asked via twitter directly @Vote_Leave & @Nigel_Farage if they have considered what effect it is likely to have but I have not received a response yet which worries me, so just who can vote ? The British public need to know the answer to this question as we could find the our sovereign territory taken away from us by a force majeure of legal migrants because it helps keep the door open for more of their brethren to enter our country via the open borders assuming they have the power to tip the scales.

I think we have the best opportunity we will ever have on June 23rd 2016 to retake control of our own countries destiny, remember as someone else once said “It’s choice – not chance – that determines your destiny”. Vote Leave EU!


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